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Richard Pouw is an independant music composer from the Netherlands.
In 2016 he released his debut album Epos, a musical journey through ethnic, new-age and world music styles.
Inspired by the power of cinematic music, his second album Touched by the Stars (2018) delivers a solid and refined sound in which piano and orchestration play the leading role.

Currently, Richard is working on his third album, of which a first glimpse can now be heard with his recent single Momentum (2019).

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Richard Pouw Music Composer - Momentum Momentum (2019)

Close your eyes and dream away with this calm and peaceful piano composition Momentum.
With the release of Momentum, a first glimpse of Richard’s upcoming album can now be heard.

Momentum is available at online stores and streaming services.

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Richard Pouw Music Composer - Touched by the stars Touched by the Stars (2018)
Full length album

Welcome to the enchanting world of cinematic relaxation music.
This album is all about the magical connection between mankind and the mysterious, infinite universe surrounding us.
Inspired by the calmness of relaxation music and the energy of epic orchestral music, allow yourself to dream away to enchanting worlds within your imagination.

Touched by the Stars is available at online stores and streaming services.

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Richard Pouw Music Composer - Epos Album Artwork Epos (2016)
Full length album

Debut album, offering a surprising mix of ethnic, world, new-age and cinematic music styles.
Epos is available at online stores and streaming services.

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I am available for writing music to your project (such as trailers, films, video games, commercials, animations etc.)

Your custom-made music will be written in my professional home-studio based in the Netherlands.
Feel free to do an inquiry by sending a message to

Please include following details:

  • Production type (trailer, film, game etc.)
  • Music length
  • Music style (tip: send a reference track)
  • Deadline

I am looking forward to hear and write music for you!

Note: For licensing my excisting music, please send me an e-mail.


Richard Pouw is a composer from the Netherlands and was born in 1989. His musical career began at a young age by playing in various bands as a drummer and pianist.
Later on, he developed a fascination for world music and ethnic musical instruments, resulting in playing a wide range of percussion and wind instruments.
After discovering the digital world of music production, it didn’t take long before he wrote his first compositions, leading to the release of his first solo album in 2016.
Characterized by his very own signature, the music of Richard Pouw represents a contemporary approach to classical, orchestral and relaxation music.

Writing music that touches the soul has become his main motivation and inspiration for composing new music today.

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